Behind the curtain.

Underground on a shoestring, illmef lays cryptic samples over primitive percussion to showcase his greatest asset, words. Inspired by acts ranging from Pink Floyd to Run the Jewels, his sound dips into electronic and hip-hop, among others. His beats can be accused of being simplistic at times, but are the ideal contrast to complex, hyperbolic stanzas that challenge the listener as well as the subject at hand. Each re-listen  reveals another piercing layer of subtext and commentary.

His natural charisma and radiant perspective are rabidly apparent on his debut album, Light a Fire. Raw and unrehearsed, his debut LP brushes on race, sexism, politics, anxiety, inequality, substance use, and a slew of other subjects. With ebbs and flows from heavy to light-hearted, the phrenetic song order follows the artist's stream-of-consciousness and satisfies the concept of the album, while hinting at an eventual sequel.

In the meantime, illmef is currently writing the Normally Think Differently EP, with a release date loosely set for Spring 2019.